Bringing Pets to Armenia: Requirements and Tips

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Bringing Pets to Armenia: Requirements and Tips

Bringing Pets to Armenia

Armenia boasts stunning landscapes and fresh mountain air that offer a welcome respite from daily routine. The idea of taking your pet along to join in on the fun is tempting. Here are the rules for importing animals into Armenia, including import regulations, necessary documentation, and travel advice.

Getting ready

While the list of required documents and vaccinations for importing animals into Armenia is generally standardized, it may have some other important paragraphs due to the country's membership in the Customs Union.


For pets that have not been microchipped, the process is required before travelling to Armenia. The microchip information must be recorded in the veterinary passport, and all microchip numbers must be entered in the international database, Animal-ID. The international standard ISO 11784/11785 is recognized in Armenia.

It is essential to remember that the rabies vaccination should not be administered prior to the insertion of the mandatory microchip, and if that has already been done, the pet must undergo rabies re-vaccination.

Rabies antibody test

Although a rabies antibody test is not typically needed to enter Armenia, it is required if Armenia is considered a transit country. To obtain a certificate confirming that your pet is immune to the rabies virus, contact a laboratory that specializes in Rabies Antibody Titration Tests, like our company's «NoviStem» Laboratory.

International Certificate

The International Certificate or Veterinary Certificate is also referred to as an Animal Passport, as it contains all the information necessary about the pet, including its vaccination record. It is stamped and signed by a veterinarian to attest to its authenticity and accuracy.


De-worming is a necessary step when transporting animals from Russia to Armenia, and it should be implemented no later than 5 days before departure. It must be done using a specific drug, and the date and type of medicine used must be written in the veterinary passport. De-worming is usually carried out once every 3 months, but this timeline can be modified for travel purposes. Due to Armenia's membership in the Customs Union, the veterinary certificate required for animal transportation to other countries is replaced by a Vehicle Certificate. This document can be issued by any state veterinary clinic after undergoing helminth analyses.

Note: The Vehicle Certificate does not need to be exchanged for other documents at the airport, as is usually done when crossing the border with EU countries.

Basic requirements for importing animals to Armenia by air transport

Here are the guidelines for the import of animals to Armenia on airplanes, as stated by Aircompany Armenia:

  • Only cats and dogs are permitted on the plane;
  • The animal must be healthy and at least 4 months old;
  • All the necessary documents must be presented before boarding;
  • Pregnant animals are not allowed on board.;
  • For the safety of both passengers and the transported animals, during a flight it is essential that the pet is placed in a safe, durable kennel, which should be suitable for the animal's size and weight.

Note! A prior permission from the airline is required for animal transportation on a plane. To obtain it, you must contact the airline's customer service email and provide information about the kennel's dimensions and the animal's weight.

Flying with Pets in Cabin

Animal transportation rules in Armenia allow you to take your pet on a plane, provided that it meets several criteria:

  • Animal's total weight, including its kennel, should not exceed 8 kg.;
  • The maximum size of the kennel is 55x40x20 cm;
  • If your dog is a guide dog, proper documentation is required. Additionally, dogs that will be transported in the cabin will need to wear a collar, muzzle, and leash.

It is essential to have a kennel that meets the requirements, as the air carrier itself does not provide them. And, to ensure the comfort and safety of customers, the transportation of animals in business class is not allowed at all, as per the airline's rules.

The rules for placing animals in the cargo section of an airplane

Here is a list of requirements for transporting pets in the cargo section:

  • The kennel must be made of plastic with a metal door;
  • The kennel must have appropriate ventilation on all sides;
  • The pet must be able to fit comfortably inside the kennel;
  • Water-resistant material must be placed on the bottom of the kennel;
  • Copies of all necessary documents have to be securely attached to the kennel;
  • Failure to meet the above conditions may result in the carrier refusing to transport the animal.

Be aware that most airlines do not factor in the weight of the animal for calculating the baggage allowance for free of charge. The charges are determined by the weight of the animal and can be checked on the official website of the respective air carrier.


When going through customs control with your pet, you must fill out a declaration and pass through the Red Channel. Only if two conditions are fulfilled, can travelers avoid customs fees:

  • The weight of the animal and the kennel combined does not exceed 25 kg;
  • The cost of the animal is less than 500 euros.
  • The amount of the customs fee depends on the degree of the excess in the weight and value of the pet.


How can I transport a guide dog when flying to Armenia?

The transportation of guide dogs when flying to Armenia is subject to the specific rules set by individual airlines. Here are some general regulations that most airlines require:

  • A guide dog can be in the cabin on the plane if its status is confirmed by corresponding documents;
  • A valid Veterinary Passport is required;
  • When making the booking, the passenger must indicate that they will be travelling with a guide dog;
  • The transportation of service dogs is free of charge.
Is a Rosselkhoznadzor permit required to export animals from Russia?
A permit from Rosselkhoznadzor is required only in certain cases. It is only necessary when attempting to export animals other than cats and dogs, or when transporting more than two animals of the same species. You can obtain this document from your local Rosselkhoznadzor territorial office.
Useful tips

  • To prepare for the flight, it is recommended to start the process 1-2 months prior to the departure date. This will allow enough time to get all vaccinations, microchip the animal, and gather the necessary documents.;
  • Rules and regulations are subject of change, so it is essential to review the current list of requirements for importing animals into Armenia on the website of the state veterinary service.;
  • Choose an airline for the flight and double-check the criteria for kennel choice in advance to ensure that you purchase the right type of transportation kennel;
  • Confirm through hotline that the animal is allowed on the chosen flight.