Import of animals to Georgia

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Import of animals to Georgia

Import of animals to Georgia

Georgia is renowned for its natural beauty and is a popular destination for tourists, including those who wish to travel with their pets. However, before bringing an animal into the country, it is important to understand the rules and regulations related to import of animals. This article covers the rules and regulations for importing animals into Georgia, as well as the necessary documents and vaccinations required.

Getting ready for the trip

Traveling to Georgia with your pet usually requires collecting a set of documents. Depending on the circumstance, some pets may need to undergo mandatory microchipping and vaccination procedures in order to be able to travel to Georgia without any complications.


During border crossing into Georgia, the animal must be identified through a microchip, which is an international means of identifying the animal and the information about it. The information about the microchip is contained in the veterinary passport.

Reminder! The date of the animal's rabies vaccination should be later than the date of microchipping. This rule is not crucial for travel within Georgia, as the country's requirements are quite lenient. However, if you are planning a trip outside of Georgia, it is important to ensure that this rule is followed.


Vaccination is a crucial step for importing animals into Georgia from Russia. In order to obtain the necessary permit, the following vaccinations are required:

  • A rabies vaccination with a mandatory 21-day quarantine following the shot. It is also essential to make sure that the vaccination is up-to-date, and the trip should not occur if the vaccine is due for renewal in less than two months.
  • A comprehensive vaccination, the schedule of which is not tied to the flight date. This type of vaccination is administered to cats and dogs at an early age, as mentioned in the veterinary passport.

Rabies Antibody Titration Test

As of 2023, a Rabies Antibody Titration Test has become a mandatory requirement for importing animals into Georgia from Russia. It is crucial to determine the effectiveness of the animal's rabies vaccination, and this procedure can only be carried out by authorized laboratories, such as «NoviStem» laboratory. In many cities of Russia, «NoviStem» has partner clinics that can collect blood samples for further analysis in our laboratory.

International certificate

To be able to travel internationally with your pet, it is necessary to have an official certificate, also known as the EU pet passport. The document provides information about the animal, such as name, age, breed, et cetera. In addition, it includes details of all the vaccinations administered, if any, and confirms whether the pet has undergone de-worming.

Other Requirements

In addition to all above-mentioned requirements, de-worming is mandatory procedure for animal transportation into Georgia. The parasite treatment must be conducted no earlier than five days before the departure date, and a note in this regard must be made in the pet's passport. Another necessary requirement for transporting animals to Georgia is Veterinary Certificate Form 1. The document must be issued no more than five days prior to departure, and it involves:

  • A veterinary passport, which includes information about the animal's microchip number and vaccination record;
  • The results of the analysis of de-worming;
  • A clinical examination to confirm the animal's health.

It is important to note that a Veterinary Certificate form number 1 can be exchanged for the International Veterinary Certificate form 5a in any airport.

Furthermore, tourists travelling by car can obtain the certificate ahead of their journey at a Rosselkhoznadzor office in their own city. The validity period for the document is five days.

In most cases, importing animals to Georgia from Russia does not require obtaining a permit from the Rosselkhoznadzor. The only exception is when the animal is exported for the purpose of sale, which does require a permit. To obtain one, you will need to contact the relevant department of Rosselkhoznadzor and have the animal's veterinary passport with you.

Basic requirements for importing animals to Georgia

To bring animals to Georgia by air transport, the following rules apply:

  • The pet can be brought in the cabin within a kennel, if its weight does not exceed 8 kg and dimensions fit inside the limit of 55 x 40 x 20 cm;
  • If the dimensions surpass the limit, the kennel will have to be placed in the cargo section.

It's important to be aware that while transporting pets is possible, it is usually not included in the standard free baggage allowance. So before making the reservation, you must specify that you have a pet to transport and provide the kennel's dimensions and weight. Keep in mind that the additional charges for transporting your pet in the cargo section depend on its weight, so it would be wise to check them beforehand. Below are the requirements for animal kennels when importing pets to Georgia:

  • The kennel should be made of durable plastic and equipped with a metal door;
  • A water-resistant material should be placed on the bottom of the kennel;
  • The pet should have enough room to fit comfortably inside the kennel;
  • The kennel should have proper ventilation on three sides;
  • Copies of all necessary documents must be attached securely to the kennel.

Georgian Airways has laid down certain guidelines for importing animals via air transport into the country. These requirements include:

  • The animal should be healthy and show no apparent symptoms of illness or injury;
  • The animal must be at least 4 months old;
  • Pregnant animals are not permitted to travel;
  • Having a suitable kennel that meets the requirements is essential, as the air carrier does not provide them.

It's worth emphasizing that the regulations for transporting animals are set by individual airlines, so it is necessary to check them before the flight. For instance, certain airlines prohibit the transport of certain breeds, such as Rottweilers, bull terriers, and others, so it's best to clear up the rules with the chosen air carrier well ahead of time.

At the airport, passengers bringing animals into Georgia are required to fill in a customs declaration to confirm that the animal is not being exported for sale. After completing that process, travellers with their pets must enter the Red Channel.

Additionally, customs fees will not be applicable for individuals if the purchase price of the animal does not exceed 500 euros, and the total weight of the animal and its kennel does not exceed 25 kg.


Guide dogs accompanying disabled passengers on flights are allowed inside the cabin as long as they have the necessary documentation confirming their status. In such cases, the transport of the guide dog is exempt from charge, but it should always be kept muzzled, collared, and leashed for safety reasons.

Every airline company has specific rules and regulations for transporting animals. In the case of Georgian Airways, the following options are provided for kennels:

  • Three kennels up to 24 kg;
  • Two kennels with a total weight up to 24 kg, and one up to 45 kg;
  • Two up to 45 kg kennels.

It is possible for two animals to be transported in one kennel if they are friendly with each other and have no recorded instances of aggression, especially in confined spaces. However, the combined weight of the pets must not exceed the allowed limits.

Is it possible to bring animals to Georgia from Russia by car?

In order to enter Georgia by road, the same vaccination and document criteria apply as for air travel. At the Upper Lars checkpoint, which is located at the border between Russia and Georgia, the Rospotrebnadzor service is available for veterinary inspections 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is required for the export of rare animals?
If the animal you are planning to bring to Georgia is included on the CITES list, a separate permit is required for its export. CITES stands for the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild fauna and flora, established by the United Nations to protect vulnerable animals and plants. You need to contact Rosprirodnadzor to obtain the relevant authorization for this process.
Useful tips

  • Airlines may impose additional regulations for the import of animals to Georgia, which should be clarified in advance on their official websites or via customer support;
  • To ensure a smooth transition at the vet inspection point and complete the necessary procedures at the airport, arriving in advance is highly recommended.;
  • It is also advisable to train your pet to get used to being inside its kennel by using it as a bed and providing them with treats and other positive reinforcement.