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We work throughout Russia
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AFSSA accreditation
AFSSA accreditation

Why a certificate is required?

When planning an abroad travel with your pet - vacation, international exhibition, moving, etc. - you should prepare in advance all the documents that will accompany your pet. In 2003, due to the outbreak of rabies, the EU Directive No. 2003/60/EC of January 24, 2003 on the procedure for importation of animals into EU countries was issued. Then these rules were introduced by some other countries with unfavorable rabies situation. One of the items in the list of documents for animals when visiting such countries is a certificate confirming the effectiveness of rabies vaccination.

About the laboratory

The international pharmaceutical company NoviStem LLC is an actively developing enterprise in the Russian Federation.

One of the company's activities is to evaluate the effectiveness of rabies vaccination in animals in an anti-rabies laboratory accredited by the French Food Safety Authority (AFSSA) in Nancy, France.

Our employees

Nadezhda Eldarovna Iskenderova
Head of the Antirabies Laboratory
Elena Sergeevna Tveritina
Deputy Head of the Antirabies Laboratory
Julia Pavlovna Peremyshlennikova
Microbiologist of the Antirabies Laboratory
Aleksandr Alekseevich Orlov
Assistant Chemist of the Antirabies Laboratory


Our partners

National Reference Laboratory for Rabies

Pasteur Institute Novi Sad

Hajduk Veljkova 1, 21137 Novi Sad