Travelling to Belarus with Pets

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Travelling to Belarus with Pets

Travelling to Belarus with Pets

The process of bringing pets to Belarus can be done using a range of transport options. It is possible to enter Belarus via air, railways, or road. Additionally, since both Russia and Belarus are a part of the Customs Union, it's essential to take cognizance of several requirements related to pet importation.

Preparations for the Journey

The essential document for bringing your pet to Belarus is a Pet Passport. This document includes information on your pet's health and its vaccination records. In order for your pet to safely travel to Belarus, their Pet Passport should contain the following information:

Microchipping. A microchip is a small implant, roughly the size of a rice grain, that's inserted under a pet's skin. The implanted chip stores all their important information, such as their and their owner's data. Traveling with a pet in Europe requires a microchip, though some exceptions are allowed for pets born before July 2011. However, Belarus, though non-EU, still mandates microchipping, especially for pet owners intending to use it as a transit country to travel to Europe.
Vaccination. The Pet Passport includes all necessary information on vaccinations, whether for domestic pet care or international travelling. One of the essential vaccines your pet should have received is against rabies. Without this, entry into Belarus with a pet may be prohibited. The first rabies vaccination is recommended to be given to animals from 12 weeks of age. After the vaccination, the pet should stay in quarantine for three weeks to ensure the vaccine is effective. The date of the vaccination and details of the vaccine should be documented in the Pet Passport.
Rabies Antibody Test. The rabies antibody test examines the number of antibodies present in your pet's blood that can neutralize the rabies virus. This test provides an indication of whether your pet has developed immunity. Although, Belarus does not require a rabies antibody test, it is still necessary if your pet's travel plans include Poland or Lithuania, as it is an international pet travel requirement. Only certified laboratories have the right to conduct rabies antibody titration testing. Our laboratory «NoviStem» is one such accredited facility. We also cooperate with numerous clinics throughout Russia who collect the biomaterial for further analysis at our laboratory.
De-worming. To combat parasites, regular treatments are necessary and the dates of such procedures as well as the name of the medication used should be recorded in your pet's passport. It is vital that this treatment is done at least 5 days before your departure.
Customs Union Certificate. To enter Europe, you will need a Veterinary Certificate Form 1, which will be exchanged to International Veterinary Certificate Form 5a. If, however, you only plan to travel within Belarus, you can bring your pet with just a Customs Union Certificate, without the need to convert. It will be valid for the entire duration of your stay. Veterinary Certificate, Form 1 – is an official document issued by any state veterinary clinic.

Customs and Flight

Your pet must pass a veterinary inspection at Russian and Belarusian border control. Inspectors require your pet's passport and the animal itself to confirm its state of health. With all the necessary documents, you will smoothly enter Belarus. It's to be noted that every animal entering Belarus needs to be registered with the local veterinary authorities within a month after arrival.

Pet shipment regulations vary depending on the type of animal. Here are some requirements for animal transportation by car:

  • While crossing the border of Belarus, your pet should remain in the kennel and travel in the trunk of the vehicle.
  • Every car must have a first aid kit with both tranquilizers and regular medication for animals.

If you are planning to travel by train, it's recommended to check if there are any specific requirements for passengers traveling with pets beforehand. Most trains traveling between Russia and Belarus offer wagons for people with pets. Regardless of the wagon type, the pets must stay inside their kennels throughout the entire ride.

Airline pet rules differ among different airlines. Here are the requirements set by "Belavia" for pet transportation:

  • Prior approval from the airline is required for pet travel.
  • The animal must be kept in a special kennel made of durable materials with air vents and a leak-proof base.
  • Passengers are allowed to take pets with them into the cabin as hand luggage, with the pet kennel dimensions meeting the requirements for animal transportation and not exceeding the limits for hand luggage. The total weight, including the kennel, shouldn't be more than 8 kilos.
  • Total weight of pets in the cargo section should not exceed 23 kilograms, including the kennel.
  • As specified by «Belavia» airline, the transportation of your pet is a paid service. Please review the official website of the airline for detailed information on the prices and fees associated with pet transportation.

«Belavia» has rules in place regarding the age of animals allowed for transportation. The airline states that it does not accept pets under 3 months old. This is because a vaccination is required, and your pet must be at least 12 weeks old to receive the needed shot. Without this vaccine, your pet poses a potential risk to other animals.


Is it possible to transport my pet for free?
The transportation of your pet for free is only granted for private transportation. Any other forms of transport (e.g. plane or train) provide animal transportation solely as a paid service.
Procedure for Customs Control: How is it done at the Russian and Belarusian Border?
Since Russia and Belarus are a part of a shared customs union, travelling between the two countries does not usually require a thorough border inspection. However, that does not remove the necessity of having the required documents. Upon arrival in Belarus, animals must be registered with the local veterinary services within one month of arrival. All animals require a Pet Passport, complete with necessary stamps proving the completion of all required vaccinations.